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Lately your Sundays are like Mondays and your Mondays are desperate to hit the beach. You LOVED pink yesterday and tangerine last month. Today you’re into stripes and who knows maybe tomorrow you’d like to drip in vintage pearls with your lace collar turned up. You started off wanting to watch a movie and now you’re scrolling the gram. But it’s not indecision. It’s not indecision, if you’re IN decision. No? Yes. You’re making up your mind, choosing, unchoosing, picking, unpicking, learning, unlearning, pulling it on, dusting it off.
You’re a chameleon choosing one colour to the other, the places change, your stripes evolve. Everything is WIP, you are too, just like every work of art, you are gathering the material constantly ‘becoming.’ You’re still in transit, but you have arrived somewhere and who knows where you’re meant to go, when you’re still exploring?
We’d just let you be whoever you’d like to be.
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